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I am pretty much like that:
I love passionately, deeply, madly and hardly.

Nothing in myself is predictable, common nor easily understood.

Sometimes, I even am the pure contradiction itself. Deeply picky, I have no boundaries.

To tell you the true, I am always in a position to overstep the limits. I go far beyond. Always willing to transform, change and revolutionize.

I dare to be bald, to transgress or even deceive.

Nothing stands still, remains stuck nor keeps being the same.

The language of the SURREAL ME creeps out the cruel, true and unquestionable way of being such a brave TRANSGRESSOR.

Everything is based on a dreamlike inception. Such visionary attitudes do not demand reasonable explanations. In fact, they suggest progression and evolution.

Undoubtedly, I am such an incorrigible dreamer, but DO NOT take me for granted:
I ALWAYS stand up to my FREEDOM, my RIGHTS and my FRIENDS.

I am in a position to transform myself into a pure, deadly and inexplicable transgression, indeed.

I am the master of my time. PURE,PLAIN and SIMPLY ME!

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